A message from Better Healthcare to our staff and carers

Numerous announcements and warnings from health organisations have been made about the coronavirus.

Entities like the NHS, the World Health Organisation and our government have kept us informed on this worrying pandemic. We, the Directors at Better Healthcare, have even also shared our own announcements on our website and on social media. However, there is one thing we haven’t shared yet, and it’s this message:

Thank you

Faced with a growing health threat, it’s easy to want to shy away from others out of a fear of infection. Despite this, our staff and care workers draw on the deep compassion they have for others and have continued to provide the excellent support our clients require. For that, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To all our carers and staff members, please know that we really appreciate all the work you’re doing. You’ve adapted well to sudden workplace changes caused by the coronavirus and you’ve done this with a smile.

Everyone in this sector plays a very important role with many vulnerable people reliant on you – I hope we can all group together through these unprecedented times to ensure that together we can maintain a good, caring and reliable service to all our clients.

All the latest information, updates and news will be posted on BHC social media pages and our website so please follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and /or Twitter.

So, once again, on behalf of all the Directors at Better Healthcare: thank you.


Samantha Diamond
Operations Director

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