A note of sincere thanks

March seems a lifetime ago, and we’ve had a pretty wild ride since then.  In March we extended our thanks to you, our carers and staff, for the support and compassion you had shown towards those you care for, despite the fear of infection.

Nearly four months on, with the full extent of the pandemic laid bare, the fantastic level of commitment and bravery you have all shown is something we simply couldn’t have imagined back in March. 

We want to thank you all again, sincerely.

The dedication and commitment made by each and everyone of you during the ‘we stayed at work for you, you stay home for us’ campaign also presented us with a dilemma: How to choose the ‘carer of the month’. Faced with the fact that each of you had just been amazing, going above and beyond what we could have expected, we decided to postpone it so as not to seem unfair.

We can now report that as the peak of Covid-19 has passed, we will be reintroducing Carer of the Month from July onwards.  The criteria for the award will make consideration for the efforts made during the pandemic, but importantly, will also look broadly across the commitment and performance that has been shown.

The Covid-19 crisis has tested the healthcare systems, and practices across the nation, indeed, across the world.  Front line workers have endured immense risk to themselves and have made considerable sacrifices with their own families.  We’ve all seen reports of healthcare workers becoming infected and the impact that has had.  I am therefore happy to be able to report that up to and during the peak of the crisis, Better Healthcare staff and carers did not report any Covid-19 cases.  This was due to the vigilance and extra care and attention with everyone’s use of PPE.

Since emerging from the peak, we have however recorded four isolated positive cases.  Everyone that has come into contact with these cases has followed the correct guidelines and has since tested negative. 

Therefore, I’d like to reiterate the need to remain vigilant at all times, DO NOT let your guard down, especially during the warm weather when it can be so tempting not to wear PPE.

Once again, on behalf of the other Directors and myself, I’d like to extend a deep and heartfelt thanks to you all.

Kind regards

Samantha Diamond

Operations Director &

Health & Safety Representative for “Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020”

Better Healthcare Services

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