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We’re delighted to announce exciting new changes at Better Healthcare in Brighton: The launch of a new Agency Staffing division which will deliver all care and professional support needs across East and West Sussex.

Headed up by Pat Thompson, we’ll be expanding our remit to respond to even the most challenging staffing demands. A Brighton man himself, Pat is clear in his mission to roll out the same quality care provision we’ve been successfully delivering in homecare and specialist areas, but on a much larger scale. And he’s in no doubt that the Better Healthcare ethos puts him in the prime position to do just that.

“What we offer is the broadest range of the highest trained staff;  the very best care possible. Where we come into our own is that we recruit carers who really care. People with the right mindset. People who will give time to make the difference.”

That ethos comes with proven logistical clout. Since opening our doors in 1998, we now have seven branches throughout London and the South East and have become the UK’s leading and fastest growing social and health care provider.

What we do works.

We say that not to boast, but to assure you that ours is a very safe – and very experienced – pair of hands.

What sets us apart is that we attract, and more crucially keep, the best. The reason for that is simple: We make people feel valued.

As Pat said: “Fundamentally, it’s about the sense of pride our carers have in their work. Highly trained staff are highly motivated staff. We go above and beyond the basics; our staff receive additional training to introduce them to different specialisms. If there’s a particular area, or client base, which appeals we’ll put them through that training.”

It’s an approach that benefits not just our staff but the clients they serve. Being in a position where we can provide carers experienced in specific disciplines, we’re able to offer what is, in effect, a bespoke package. We can match staff to your specific needs.

As Pat says: “Giving carers the freedom and flexibility to work in areas they’re committed is good for everyone. It gives them the opportunity to form worthwhile relationships. That bond, that continuity of care, helps people to live as normal and fulfilling a life as possible. And it gives families peace of mind knowing that their loved one is receiving the very best care.”

With the pandemic having increased demand on the care sector to an unprecedented scale, is Pat at all daunted by the challenge he faces? “Not at all. We’re in a good position where we can grow hand in hand with demand. We’re adaptable. And flexible. We have the experience and resource to be responsive to what’s needed and to respond quickly.’ He added: ”It’s rewarding for us as a company to be part of a community where we can be there to offer the very best support those who need it.”

If you need staffing support please get in touch to discuss your specific needs. We’re experienced across all specialisms including:

  • Elderly Care
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Live-in Care
  • Children and Young People’s Services
  • Specialist Nursing
  • Mental Health Support
  • Learning Disability Support

General enquiries:

Home Care:

Specialist Care:

T: 01273 203 999

Are you considering a career in care? Are you an experienced carer? Thinking about specialising?

Talk to Amelia on 01273 974212 or email

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