Better Healthcare supports the Save the Children Fund

Save the Children aims to help every child around the world reach their maximum potential by keeping them safe, educated and healthy.

Millions of children around the world are living in unsafe conditions with little to no access to education and healthcare services. Save the Children works to ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential. At Better Healthcare, we believe that every little helps, and we want to contribute to the cause.

That’s why, on 13 December 2019, Better Healthcare will once again be hosting our annual Christmas Jumper Day in support of the Save the Children Fund. Every staff member will wear a festive jumper to work that day and donate £2 to the charity. It promises to be a great day, full of fun and laughter, with great benefits for a worthy and extremely important charity.

Who is Save the Children and what do they do?

Founded in 1919 by sisters Eglantyne Jebb and Dorothy Buxton in London, Save the Children is a leading charity dedicated to helping children in the UK and worldwide stay safe, healthy and have access to education.

The charity’s key areas of focus are:

  • Child poverty
  • Child protection
  • Health
  • Hunger
  • Education
  • Children’s rights

Save the Children’s current major project is to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. The aim of the SDGs is to end preventable child deaths and provide all children with quality education and health care by 2030.

Help us support Save the Children

A £2 donation could pay for the antibiotics to treat five children suffering from pneumonia, one of the biggest killers of children.

To donate to Save the Children online, follow this charity donation link. To register your workplace or school to the Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day, click here.

Better Healthcare is dedicated to improving the lives of others, and we want to make sure we do what we can this Christmas. Each sweater really can make a world of difference to one child.

For more information on our services, get in touch on 0800 668 1234.

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