Gender Pay Gap Statement

Diamond Resourcing plc t/as Better Healthcare Services – Gender Pay Gap Supporting Statement

From 2017, organisations that employ more than 250 people must publish a report showing their specific figures for their gender pay gap.

The Gender Pay Gap is the difference between the average earning of men and women expressed relative to the men’s earnings.

Employers must both:

  • Publish their gender pay gap data and a written statement on their web site
  • Report their data to the Government


Better Healthcare Services is a leading provider of Care with a network of regional branches – the results of our analysis are as follows:

  • Difference in mean hourly rate of pay 22.6%
  • Difference in median hourly rate of pay 14.3%
  • Difference in mean bonus pay 92.1%
  • Difference in median bonus pay 66.7%

Percentage of employees who received bonus pay

  • Male 50%
  • Female 14.7%

Employees by pay quartile

Upper quartile27.3%72.7%
Upper middle quartile27.3%72.7%
Lower middle quartile9.1%90.9%
Lower quartile27.3%72.7%

As in most instances we provide personal care when providing care in people’s own homes the industry is heavily weighted towards female carers.

Bonus pay is a reflection of Directors within the company.

This statement confirms that the published information is accurate at the time of publishing.

Our Government submission can be reviewed here.

Marc Diamond