Home care or Care home? Making the choice

Home care or Care home? Making the choice

When it comes to discussing care options with your loved one, it can become apparent that you may not understand all of the differences between using a residential care home or hiring a home carer. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and at Better Healthcare, we can explain the pros and cons of both to help you make the best decision.

Before making a decision, understand the circumstances

Before choosing the type of care you want for your loved one, you must know the circumstances of their situation. For instance, dementia can make a huge difference because it will often dictate the level of care that they require. As dementia progresses, their ability to make these decisions will disappear, and you will be forced to choose based solely on their needs.

This is not to say that those without dementia should not seek care, as the opposite is true. However, it will mean that you can discuss with your loved one the type of care that they would prefer and make an informed decision based on both their needs and their opinions.

Are you considering home care?

One of the greatest benefits of home care is being able to keep a routine. Moving to a residential home can force your loved one to change their lifestyle suddenly, and this can be extremely disorientating, especially for those with dementia. Being unable to visit the same stores and places that they used to can be distressing. Home care alleviates this by allowing them to remain in familiar surroundings.

Some seniors have a strong, sentimental attachment to their homes because they’ve occupied them for many years. They may also prefer ageing at home as it allows them to maintain their feelings of independence. Therefore, being unable to live there anymore can be quite saddening. Our home carers can ensure that they continue to enjoy the use of their house for years to come, providing the necessary expertise to keep them safe and comfortable while maintaining.

Are you considering a residential home?

The primary benefit of a care home is the equipment available. Good care homes have everything necessary to look after your loved one, whereas a home carer may need to source additional medication or other resources to do an effective job.

Furthermore, the houses that seniors live in may not be appropriate for someone who struggles with mobility issues. Whether it be multiple flights of stairs, awkward paths to the bathroom or other obstacles, sometimes their current home is simply not the right environment for an elderly loved one to live in. Care homes are designed with reduced mobility in mind, and everything is done to make sure that they live in a safe and secure environment.

Ask a healthcare expert

If you’re still struggling to make up your mind, talk to our healthcare experts. At Better Healthcare, we have a long history of providing staff to care homes through our social care division as well as a reputation for excellent home care services. We’re the best people to talk to when you need to decide between a care home or hiring a home carer.

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