How home care can help those who live with physical disabilities

How home care can help those who live with physical disabilities

Independence is one of the most valued aspects of our lives, and physical disabilities have a way of reducing it. It’s often simple tasks like cooking or cleaning that can be the most difficult to manage, and many refrain from getting help, hoping to preserve what little independence they have. However, getting help doesn’t equal a lack of independence. Here are some of the ways home care can improve your life if you’re struggling with a disability, courtesy of the experienced care workers at Better Healthcare.

It’s all about you

Everyone is different, and every case is unique. Physical disabilities can range immensely, and the issues that they cause can be just as varied. It’s crucial that you are treated accordingly, and your needs and wishes are respected. Nobody likes to be treated as another cog in a machine.

An excellent home care worker will always consider what you want and balance it against what you need. You want to live your life after all, not one that someone else has planned out for you. Many of the tasks that our care workers will help with are in the background, such as cooking, but you have full control over what you would prefer to do. You can also just ask for assistance with something: if you prefer cooking your own meals, then they can help with shopping for ingredients for example.

Regardless of age or disability, at Better Healthcare, we’ll make sure that you or your loved one is supported in whatever you choose to do. When it comes to care, our home care workers put you first.

Taking everything into consideration

Regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or otherwise, our care workers treat their patients with kindness and respect. They will do their best to accommodate any personal needs and preferences.

A major challenge in having a physical disability is getting around. It may sound simple but physical disabilities can make it difficult to get to places with ease, and it’s a big issue for those who wish to go out to socialise. At Better Healthcare, our carers will assist you in getting around and carrying on with daily life.

They also attend regular training sessions that allow them to deal with even the most advanced conditions. You can feel safe knowing that your carer knows precisely how to take care of you in any eventuality.

Making life enjoyable again

Though people are quick to look at the physical effects of a physical disability, the mental effects are just as important. In many cases, the two are linked. Studies show that it’s common for those with disabilities that keep them housebound to become depressed.

Even the smallest amount of assistance can go a long way in making life enjoyable again. Something as simple as getting help with sorting out chores can give you or your loved one more free time, which can then be spent planning and doing more enjoyable things you can look forward to. Life is about moving forward, and our carers can take off some of the weight that’s holding you back.

Someone who cares

It’s not just about doing a job. At Better Healthcare, our carers are people who genuinely care about those they look after and will always go the extra mile. They start with a kind heart, and our training gives them the skills they need to support you or your loved one.

To find out more about how our carers can assist in daily life, get in touch on 0800 668 1234. Alternatively, contact your local office.