Individual costs for social care will be capped, according to Jeremy Hunt

Individual costs for social care will be capped, according to Jeremy Hunt

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has promised to support local councils as they continue to struggle with providing sufficient care for their ageing populations. His plans are to be included in the green paper on social care, which is due to be announced this summer. The green paper will highlight the government’s plans for improving social care and dealing with the inevitable challenges of an ever-ageing population.

As part of his solution, Hunt stated: “The way that our current charging system operates is far from fair. If you develop dementia and require long-term residential care, you are likely to have to use a significant chunk of your savings and the equity in your home to pay for that care. But if you require long-term treatment for cancer, you won’t find anything like the same cost.” Because of this, he aims to put a cap on what an individual has to pay for their social care.

All of this comes from the pressures that local councils have been placing on Hunt and the Conservative government. Councils are unable to raise sufficient funds from council tax to give their ageing population the social care and support they need. This ultimately means that the postcode lottery is becoming a real social issue. Sir Stephen Houghton, leader of Barnsley council, pointed out that “if you happen to live in a poorer area you’re more likely to receive lower-quality care in old age or if you suffer from a long-term disability. People should be entitled to the same quality of service no matter where they live”.

Hunt seems to agree with Houghton, stating: “We need to recognise that with one million over-75s in 10 years’ time, they [councils] are going to need more money, and we are going to have to find a way of helping them [councils] to source it.”

However, when it comes to politics, the proof of change will be within the green paper on social care, so we’ll all be on tenterhooks till it’s released in a few months.

What can be done in the meantime?

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