Lack of social care spending leaves more than a million elderly people behind

Lack of social care spending leaves more than a million elderly people behind

With a £2.5bn social care funding gap predicted for 2019/20, more than a million elderly and disabled people are expected to fall through the cracks.

Following a survey of 4000 people, the Care and Support Alliance (CSA) discovered that one in eight people had been prevented from leaving hospital because they could not get the home care they needed.

Caroline Abrahams, co-Chair of the CSA and Charity Director at Age UK, said: “The experiences of thousands of people in this survey are damning evidence that our adult social care system is broken and unfit for purpose.” She went on to point out that “…care cuts aren’t saving the Government money, the NHS is picking up the bill as people are pushed into ill health and crisis because of a lack of basic help.”

Based on their findings, the CSA has identified that even though more people need specialised care, the number of people actually receiving this care has dropped. The CSA has also criticised the NHS for inefficiently footing the care bill and paying for hospital beds costing £2,800 a week, which is significantly more than the cost of receiving personal care at home. For example, Better Healthcare Services provide a live-in service starting from just £898 a week.

Abrahams’ solution? “The Government must provide funding now, as well as focus on future reforms, as essential steps towards getting our care system back on track,” she said.

Better Healthcare Services caring for the community

At Better Healthcare Services, we believe that everyone is entitled to quality healthcare and social support. We offer a range of services, everything from daily home care visits to round-the-clock live-in care, so you can find perfect care that works for you.

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Our care packages are bespoke, with the aim of ensuring that you can remain living in your own home for as long as possible.

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