Live-in care – an often overlooked alternative to care homes

Better Healthcare has just launched a TV ad campaign highlighting the benefits of Live-in Care as an alternative to other ‘home care’ options. We thought we’d throw a little more light on the subject.

Life has a habit of throwing us challenges. Some are inevitable, such as growing old. Others, not so much, such as neurodegenerative diseases which include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s or cancer. Some are challenged by the damage left from serious accidents, leaving them dependent on others for daily assistance. The point is, we can’t take life for granted and we need to be thinking about those around us who may be at risk, often, simply because of age.

Unfortunately, the nature of some diseases are such that we are left trying to figure out care arrangements the last minute, often relying on care services from local authorities, NHS Continuing Healthcare, or private care homes. We just want to say that there is an alternative, one you can turn to quickly in your moment of need. It’s called ‘live-in care’.

The ageing process inevitably leads to a situation where a loved one needs assistance in some form, even if they are in good health, because they are still vulnerable around their own home. It’s often this aspect of ageing that can cause family issues, as the loved one concerned, if in relatively good health, will likely be resistant to moving out and into a care home more suited to looking after them. It’s also natural for them to want to believe that family will take up the burden, even if they don’t ask for it, adding to the family pressure.

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For other families, the situation may be more demanding, such as neurodegenerative diseases or palliative care needs, which necessitate more specialist care. Care homes are a natural consideration. However, as our TV ad highlights, there is an alternative – live-in care; it’s often much more palatable than the impact of losing one’s independence by moving into a care home.

The demand for live-in care has seen an increase since Covid-19 as many families are resisting sending their loved ones to care homes. However, even prior to Coronavirus, live-in care has been seen as a preferred route for many, because the loved one can stay at home in their own environment and maintain their independence.

Better Healthcare has a dedicated division for Live in Care / 24 hours care. Unlike many care agencies the fact that Better Healthcare specialise in this type of care means we are able to mobilise staff to large areas of the UK very quickly ensuring, ensuring continuity and quality of care.

For more information on the Live-in care options available to you, call us to talk to one of our sympathetic live-in care professionals today.

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