Live-in care, the power to change outcomes

Live-in care, the power to change outcomes

It’s probably true to say that most of us tend to take life for granted, but that can all change when illness or injury hits. What happens if we are left dependent on others and face life needing additional support or even to move into a care home setting? The good news is, there is an alternative, Live-in care.

Much is said to remind us of those more vulnerable than ourselves, but the truth is, in our own way, we are all vulnerable. Take away any of the freedoms we enjoy and trauma begins to set in. Even able-bodied people have suffered mentally during the recent pandemic, simply because they lost their freedom.

Imagine then, suffering a life-changing injury or illness and being told that you will be reliant on others for a considerable time to come, if not for the rest of your life. The mental shock of this will likely be enough to send most of us into severe shock. Then there are the knock-on effects of such a debilitation, especially to our long term mental health.

It’s easy to see why many people would just want to give up on life being confined to a care home, and losing the enjoyment we get from simply not being in our own home.

Consider the alternative – Live-in care

We’ve been privileged to experience the transformation live-in care can bring to patients.  Many wonder just how their lives can return to any level of normality after facing the prospect of long-term care.

After first being diagnosed with a life-changing condition, spending time in a hospital recovering, and then facing a life in a care home, motivation and the sheer will to live can be the first to go. It probably comes as no surprise to learn that for those people who are given the option to return to and be cared for in their own homes, it can be a real blessing.

Recovering from any illness or injury begins with the mind. You have to want to continue. If your mind suffers, so too will your body. The prospect of being able to live out your days within familiar surroundings, ably supported by dedicated live-in care staff, is often mentally transformative for those in need.

Our client Val

Val came into our care in June 2020, fast-tracked for end of life care. With the support of a live-in carer, daily reassurance and encouragement, Val is now back to living her life as independently as she can! From caring for her animals to going out with friends and family, even back to Bingo! Independently showering, making some of her meals, and helping with daily chores.

Val has made extensive progress! The one to one time invested, from her carer who understands and lives to make a difference, shows the results we are all working to achieve!

Changing an outlook can change the outcome

Faced with the alternatives, the Live-in care services provided by Better Healthcare have been able to give clients new hope and motivation.

Patients like Val, have been able to bring back some normality to their lives. They are able to enjoy the comforts of their own home, choose what they eat, and when they want to eat. They can still see their friends whenever they or their friends want. Most importantly, the live-in care option maintains their own independence, put simply; Live-in care has the power to change outcomes.