Now I am not there – a poem by Annie Porter

In support of Dementia UK, one of our staff wrote a lovely poem that highlights the effects of dementia.

At Better Healthcare, our nurses and carers have years of experience in providing companionship and care (home care and live-in care) to those living with dementia. We believe it is important to support the work of charities that focus on dementia support which is why we want to support Dementia UK. For this reason, our wonderful Training & Development Manager, Annie Porter wrote a lovely poem entitled ‘Now I am not there’.


About the author: Annie Porter is the Training and Development Manager at Better Healthcare with an extensive background in the healthcare industry. Her healthcare experience includes working in the private sector and the NHS, owning her own care home and conducting research about medical processes, medicines and equipment. Annie began her career with us in 2008 as a Recruitment Consultant before becoming a Registered Manager, Area Manager and manager of the Out-of-Hours team.

My transition to the Training department has proved to be a source of great enjoyment for me. With this chance to embed the company’s ethics, I hope to inspire our staff to give a high-quality delivery of care to all the clients.

I thoroughly enjoy this role, specifically, watching the changes of confidence in our candidates, from the first to the last day of training, empowering them to deliver the best standards of care possible and to ensure that they value everyone they encounter.

In addition to her caring nature and professional healthcare background, Annie is a published author of short stories for children and adults. Her poem ‘Now I am not there’ was inspired by many years of observation of people with dementia and the accounts from their families.

Better Healthcare supports Dementia UK

Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a group of symptoms that include mood changes, memory loss, confusion and difficulty with everyday tasks. Though there are many causes of dementia, Alzheimer’s remains the most common. It is estimated that 850, 000 people are living with dementia in the UK, with an increase to one million by 2025.

Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through their Admiral Nurse Service. These nurses are highly trained in one-to-one care and provide expert guidance and support for those with dementia and their families. An Admiral Nurse operates in a variety of settings, from care homes to hospitals and hospices. Dementia UK’s mission is to increase the Admiral Nurse Service across the UK and raise awareness of the benefits of Admiral Nursing.

If you would like to support Dementia UK, you can offer a £3 donation to the charity by downloading our song Minds Retain from our Online Shop.

Better Healthcare supports those living with dementia

Better Healthcare provides tailored home care and live-in care services to those affected by dementia and offers as much support is needed for your loved one to lead a comfortable and full life. To learn more about our care services, give us a call on 0800 668 1234 to speak to one of our friendly advisors. Or if you’d like to talk to someone more locally, select an office below to get in touch.

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