Richard Guest: Carer of the month – June

At Better Healthcare, we believe that it’s important to acknowledge the hard work our carers put into their role as well as their skills and achievements.

Our way of acknowledging our staff members’ hard work is by awarding a ‘Carer of the Month’ certificate and rewarding one lucky person from each branch every month.

For the Peterborough office, the carer of the month for June 2019 was Richard Guest.

New to care work, Richard joined us in February and has shown from the start to be a dedicated and committed member of the Better Healthcare team. He has built good relationships with the patients he cares for as well as his colleagues. Since joining Better Healthcare, Richard has grown in confidence and is a valued member of our team. We want to give a huge congratulations to Richard!

Here are a few words from Richard about his time with Better Healthcare so far.

Working for Better Healthcare these last few months have given me a new purpose in life. They gave me a chance to get back into the workforce after a ten-year gap. With no work references to go on, they took me on face value and gave me a chance where very few other companies would. As I have a disabled wife at home, I know a few of the problems that can arise in the care work field. Better Healthcare has been brilliant in their understanding of some health problems that were recently raised in my home life, and they worked with me to make things easy. Their flexible working hours meant I could work around the times I was needed at home. This shows how much they care about their staff as well as patients.

I’m very happy to have come back to the workforce when I did as I don’t think I could have found a better company to work for. I would recommend Better Healthcare to anyone seeking a job in care work.

Have a career in care with Better Healthcare

At Better Healthcare, we’ve been providing jobs in care work for 20 years, and our employment standards’ reputation makes us second to none. We have various vacancies for our numerous office locations and will gladly help you climb the career ladder if that’s your goal. Furthermore, we split our care work services into several divisions – healthcare, home care, live-in care and social care & housing – making it possible for you to find a field that is best suited to you.

As shown in Richard’s case, we understand that you may need to work flexible hours, so you can fulfil personal commitments and have a career in care work simultaneously. For more information on our recruitment process and requirements, give us a call on 0800 668 1234 or contact your local office.

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