Stay hydrated this summer

Stay hydrated this summer

As you have probably noticed, the UK is experiencing a heatwave, and it’s now the longest heatwave since 1976. The Met Office has confirmed the weather is here to stay for the duration of July, so it’s good to develop some healthy habits for summer – and staying hydrated is particularly important. Everyone is at risk of becoming dehydrated, but one of the groups most at risk are seniors.

If you’re a full-time carer, we have a list to help make it easier for you to encourage the people you care for to drink water. Staff Hydration poster Drink Well 1.6

How to help seniors stay hydrated in summer in 4 simple ways

  1. Carry a bottle of water – it’s important to keep a bottle of water on you at all times, especially when out in public. This way, you can regularly provide the senior person you’re accompanying with some water.
  2. Eat foods with high water-content – fruit and vegetables like oranges, satsumas, watermelons and cucumbers can help your body maintain its hydration levels, and it also acts as a healthy snack to keep you going. Soup is also a high water-content food to eat.
  3. Keep a glass of water by the bedside – it can be quite challenging to get a full night’s sleep during summer because it’s still warm and humid at night. Keeping a glass of water by the bedside means water is easily accessible.
  4. Fruit smoothies – as a fun and tasty way of staying hydrated, making fruit smoothies for/ with the person you’re caring for will encourage them to remain hydrated. Also, blending their favourite fruits into a drink can help them get the nutrients they need.

Health problems that occur from lack of hydration

Not receiving enough water will cause the body to suffer from health problems that are caused by a lack of hydration. These problems can include but are not limited to:

  • Dehydration
  • Acute confusion which can lead to falls
  • Stumbles and falls due to fatigue and muscle weakness
  • Constipation and discomfort
  • Kidney problems and urinary tract infections
  • Low blood pressure
  • Poor oxygen supply throughout the body as well as the brain
  • Headaches, light-headedness, dizziness or vertigo

For more information on the health problems that can occur from a lack of hydration and how to avoid it, check out 7 top tips to stay safe this summer.

Who can help make sure my loved ones stay hydrated?

Unless you’re a full-time carer, it is rarely possible to care for your senior loved one at all times. You’re going to need someone to help you make sure they are well looked after, especially in this heatwave.

Better Healthcare carers are dedicated to caring for your loved one. Whether it’s a permanent live-in carer that lives with and takes care of your elderly loved one or a carer that stops by for half-hour visits, you can receive the support you need at any time. Our live-in care and home care services are tailored to your needs, so you get the quality service that you and your loved one deserves.

To find out more about how we can help you care for your loved one this summer and to start planning future care with people who are passionate about the work they do, call Better Healthcare Services today on 0800 668 1234. Alternatively, you can get in touch with your local office directly: