Thinking about a career in care?

Transform your life – and the lives of the others.

There was a time that you’d leave school, start a career and that would be you until you retired. Not so now. These days we want more for ourselves. And rightly so. It’s not unusual to get to a point where you start to question if the career you’re in really is the right fit. Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel valued? Do you come home from work feeling that yes, you made a difference?

These are exactly the questions that one of our senior home care team, Louisa, felt after 14-years in financial services. Here she explains what prompted such a radical career change. And why she wishes she’d done it sooner.

Financial services is quite a different sector to Homecare. What prompted such a radical move?

I wanted a career change, a new challenge. I felt I wanted to give something back. It was looking after my elderly grandparents that inspired me to move into care. Being able to give them the support to help them stay independent was really rewarding. It felt like a natural fit for me, so I thought, ‘Ok, why not give this a go.’ I wanted to help other people the same way I’d helped them.

Was it a daunting prospect starting a completely new career?

Not at all. It felt right. The training process was great – very full and informative. Annie was a brilliant teacher and the way CPR was taught was outstanding. It made me confident enough to try and help.

Although I’d moved into a completely different sector,  I found I had transferable skills – listening, encouraging, supporting – that I was able to bring.  All the training you need is given and there’s ongoing support and training throughout – with the opportunity to specialise in different care specialisms.

Have you thought about specialising?

At the moment I’m happy to stay in elderly care, but would perhaps in the future try and go into Learning Disabilities. A couple of our service users have this and it’s an area that interests me. Better Healthcare are an excellent company, they support me. I can approach them if I need anything – extra training, information, or even just a chat. I have an appraisal every six months with the Homecare Manager, who is excellent, and I’m asked if I have any concerns, or if I’d like further training. The opportunities through the Career Development Programme are great.

What’s a typical day like for you now?

Always varied, which I like. I could be helping a client with their personal care or medication,  making them a hot drink or meal. Every service user’s needs are different. What’s important is supporting them whilst keeping their independence and seeing them as a person.

Are you glad you made the shift?

Yes! I can honestly say that since joining Better Healthcare I haven’t ever looked back or regretted my decision. My only wish is that I’d done it years ago as every day is different and a new challenge. The main difference is purely job satisfaction. It’s nice to be out in the community, knowing you are making a difference and helping. When  someone calls the office to ask if they can have you again, there’s no better feeling than knowing that you’ve done your job well and they’re pleased with the service.

Do you have any advice for someone considering a shift to healthcare?

Be the friendly face they see so that the person you’re supporting knows that you care. That means a lot. Some days can be challenging when perhaps it can seem that the person you’re helping is being difficult. But they’re not. It’s often because of a medical condition, or perhaps because they haven’t seen anyone else that day. You might be their only point of contact, so they just need an ear to vent. Sometimes just having a cuppa with them is invaluable.

I don’t think any other job is so rewarding or has the same job satisfaction. I’d say to anyone that’s interested to try a career in social healthcare as for me, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

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