Well done Megan!

At Better Healthcare, we believe that it’s important to acknowledge the hard work our team put into their role as well as their skills and achievements.

That’s why we’re sharing this testimonial from an anonymous patient about one of our staff Megan.

I wanted to formally write in and express my gratitude to Megan for her hard work, compassion and empathy since she has taken on my package. When Brandia first introduced us, I thought, “she is very young and has hardly had any time to get to know me or the package” (although I did, of course, know Jess would be there to oversee any problems). What an underestimation! Megan has taken the time to get to know me on the phone, she doesn’t rush me, and she understands that because of my sight it is difficult for me to email so I have to call regularly. At the end of our calls, she always says cheerily “any problems, phone me anytime, even if you just need to talk”. It was after about a month that I realised she wasn’t just saying it, she truly meant it.

When I have had problems with carers on my package, Megan has dealt with it sensitively and promptly. She knows when to ask for advice from her colleagues and when she can deal with something herself. Megan is also honest. If she makes a mistake, she just says “that was my fault, I’m sorry” which I really appreciate in anyone I’m working with. I can spot a liar from a mile off and there is no need for it. I have much more respect for someone who tells me the truth; otherwise, there can be no trust.

Megan has gone above and beyond her job role on more than one occasion. Several times when I have had no carer, she has personally gone and got me shopping from Tesco and dropped it off after working hours. When I have been sleeping through medication, she has phoned me until she has woken me up to make sure I have taken it (I have Addison’s disease and it is life-threatening if I don’t take my steroids). When she hasn’t been able to wake me, she has sent someone round to check on me or come round herself.

Megan has a natural ability to be empathetic without sounding patronising and is a very calming influence on me (which is saying something!). She never says “I know how you are feeling”, instead she says “I can only imagine what it must feel like” or “tell me how that feels”. This is actually quite rare in people who are not trained in it. It’s a subtle difference between infuriating and patronising you and validating and hearing that you have a genuine reason to be feeling bad, which even if she can’t change, helps just because you have been heard and taken seriously. Not that I am saying I should be using Megan as my therapist but when it’s related to lack of cover on the package or as has happened more recently when I was really uncomfortable about the way a carer was treating and talking to me but wasn’t sure if I was overreacting or not, when I finally spoke to Megan her reactions as I was stumbling trying to tell her enabled me to have the confidence to continue.

Although the package is not adequately covered, and my care coordinators keep trying to push to add another agency, I am resisting as much as I can because, for the first time, I feel like someone cares and is doing their best for me. I do believe we will eventually get to a place where my nights are fully covered and I am awarded more day hours.

I think you should do everything you can to hold on to Megan, including good career progression and increase in responsibility that she can work towards as she is only young and will quickly be snapped up by another company. Please, whatever your plans are when Brandia comes back, leave me with Megan! Not that I don’t like Brandia, but Megan and I have really clicked and are working so well together. It would also be nice if you could do something with this email to show others that someone appreciates Megan enough to write in about her. People, in general, are swift to complain but not so quick to say thank you.

I must also add this, a lot of your staff who pick up the phone and have got to know me a bit often have a quick chat and it’s really lovely that it’s such a friendly team. There is one guy who always chats to me; I think his name is Daniel? There’s also Amelia, Jess and others whose names I don’t know, but that is appreciated too.

We’re all incredibly proud of Megan and all the other carers mentioned in this testimonial. Megan is the specialist coordinator in our Brighton office and is an extremely hard worker. She deals with our clients daily and coordinates between them and the carers, dealing with their rotas, any changes that people require for time changes and all queries and issues that arise. The role can be stressful at times, resulting in Megan often being busy. Despite this, Megan always puts in 100% and performs her role brilliantly. We look forward to her future achievements.

At Better Healthcare, we pride ourselves on how professional and caring our care workers and staff are. We believe that trait is what sets us apart from the rest. All of our carers and staff receive specialist training that allows them to embody Better Healthcare’s person-centred approach and deliver high-quality support.

For more information about what we do, call us on 0800 668 1234 or contact your local Better Healthcare office.

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